Horror Movie Death Rules

2008-04-02 11:24:38 by Ubernaut

Have you noticed that in horror movies you always can tell who going to die....
1- If there teenagers and there having sex there going to get killed. (jaws,scaracrow)
2- If there religous- usally christian- there going to to get wacked or go crazy. (the mist)
3- If they don't belive in the monster/murderer they run away and get killed. ( every Frickin horror movie)

Horror Movie Death Rules


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2008-04-02 11:29:21

Yeah they are so predictable.
Worst ones are when a kid sees a monster or a ghost and it always goes away when his parents of friends come in and hes like " THERES A MONSTER!" and they are like "you need therapy"or something.
Then eventually they both see the monsters in all there glory and hes like "now do you believe me?" and they are like "uh huh" while crying or just looking freaked out.

Ubernaut responds:

Thats really annoying!


2008-04-02 11:31:23

Another one. Highly trained soldiers always get killed violently while a 10 year old kid or a white collar office worker somehow survives.

Ubernaut responds:

Yeah that never makes sence..........


2008-04-02 11:36:43

Not always, but in most horror movies, yeah. I look forward to watching The Mist btw, one of the ones I havn't seen yet.

Ubernaut responds:

It's a good movie except for the suicide end.


2008-04-02 11:50:29

I was about to comment but suddenly I heard some strange noise coming from the cellar...quite strange...I'm pretty sure nobody's there...

I must check this out, I'll be back in a minute...


2008-04-02 12:46:15

i agree with Jaketheclonetrooper...
why do the soldiers with all the weapons and the training always die but the weak people always make it out alive!?